Riding & training

Bei der Ausbildung von Jungpferden legen wir besonderen Wert auf den altersgemäßen, individuellen Entwicklungsstand des einzelnen Pferdes. Bereits mit wenigen Wochen lernen unsere Fohlen schon die Grundregeln des Pferdelebens kennen. Von Beginn an üben wir Dinge wie Halfter anziehen und Hufe geben. Diese gute Kinderstube erleichtert unseren Pferden den Start in ihr Reitpferdeleben ungemein!

Die Ausbildung zum Reitpferd beginnen wir dann, wenn das Pferd dafür bereit ist – dafür haben wir kein festes Alter, sondern entscheiden bei jedem Pferd individuell. Wir bilden Jungpferde entsprechend der klassischen Richtlinien schonend, pferdegerecht und vielseitig aus. Wenn unsere Ausbildungsarbeit mit Erfolgen in Jungpferde- und Stutenleistungsprüfungen gekrönt wird, haben wir alles richtig gemacht.

Wenn Ihnen unsere Philosophie zusagt, bieten wir Ihnen gerne an, Ihr Pferd nach unserer Behrenshof-Philosophie auszubilden. Obwohl unsere Kapazitäten begrenzt sind – wie Sie sich vorstellen können, ist unser Ansatz recht zeitintensiv – freuen wir uns dennoch über Ihre Anfrage.

Foal Time

Above all, our foals can enjoy a great and carefree childhood with us. They always have a family connection and are personally looked after by us 24/7. That is why the good and consistent upbringing of our offspring is so important to us. From just a few weeks old, they learn things like how to lead with a halter and how to give hooves so that they and their owners don't have any problems with these basics later in their lives as riding horses. As weanlings at our breeder, they can then learn social behavior in herds of the same age and enjoy their childhood in spacious pastures.

Breaking in

Before we get the young horses used to the saddle and rider's weight, we work on their composure and trust in humans. The horses are then gently lunged, broken in and further trained according to their constitution.


In order to offer our horses a species-appropriate environment with as much variety as possible, the basis for us is daily grazing in the herd. In addition to dressage work, our young horses regularly go out into the field, do pole work and are allowed to jump or free jump. Ground work is also part of the training plan for our youngsters and broodmares.

Tournament starts

When our young horses are well ridden and ready for new tasks, they are presented at competitions. Our youngsters were already able to present themselves highly successful in tests for young riding horses and dressage horses with our willing rider Veronika.

Mare inspection (SLP)

As a milestone in their training, our mares have to pass the mare performance test in addition to competitions. There, the mares have to prove themselves, sometimes ridden in an exciting setting, in hand and in free jumping. The versatile and targeted preparation of our mares has already brought us several "state premiums" with the Hanoverians (Hanoverian premium) and the Oldenburgers (Oldenburg main premium).


Trust forms the basis for everything else. This can be seen in the regular contact with our foals and the trusting work with our young horses, such as with the mare "Fräulein". In this video, you can see her under saddle for the fifth time, the second time she has been ridden free in the arena without a lunge line. If you would like us to train your horse, please contact us!